2017 Putin's political russian propaganda calendar

12 months = 12 photos. New in the package.
In Russian and English languages

January: Putin as a special agent of KGB-FSB.
February: Putin as an aviator, pilot before the flight by a supersonic, variable-sweep wing heavy strategic bomber Tupolev Tu-160 `Beliy Lebed`.
March: Vladimir Putin with dogs Buffy and Yume.
April: Putin as a hockey player of the team "Hockey Legends".
May: Putin is with his beloved dog Labrador 'Koni' (Konni).
June: Putin as a grain-grower.
July: Putin as a fisherman and a huge northern pike (Esox lucius) weighing 21 kg = 46 pounds.
August: Putin as a backslapper in a birchwood like as Sergei Yesenin (during his working visit to the Nizhny Novgorod region).
September: Putin goes walking briskly to work in a morning.
October: Putin as a pilot of a hang-glider and as a lider of Siberian white cranes (Grus leucogeranus).
November: Putin as a judoka (柔道 aikido karate) in a judogi (柔道着) on a tatami.
December: Putin in the Kremlin before congratulating Russians on the occasion of a New Year.

The wall calendar with spring.
Size: 230 x 337mm (9 x 12¼ inches).
8 sheets of paper.
Weight: 111 Grams (4 ounces).
Printed in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Wall Calendar for 2017 Vladimir Putin PEACEMAKER for the spiral 2017 Putin's

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