size 40 * 30 mm. Fastening pin with lock.
The badge "Excellent worker of the Soviet Army" was established by order of the Minister of Defense of the USSR G.K. Zhukov No. 67, in accordance with the decision of the Council of Ministers of the USSR on April 17, 1957.

The badge "Excellent Soviet Army" is a shield overlaid on a wreath of oak leaves, bordering both sides of the shield. The branches of the wreath are intertwined with ribbon. The edges of the shield are depicted by an oxidized strip with points symmetrically located on it.

In the upper part of the sign is a disk covered with white enamel, in the middle of which there is a star with an image of a sickle and a hammer. The star is covered with red enamel. Hammer and sickle of golden color. Along the edge of the disc has a white enamel rim with the following inscriptions: "Excellent student of the Soviet Army."

At the bottom of the rim there is a small asterisk with two symmetrical points on the sides. The surface of the sign shield is red. At the bottom of the shield at the "Excellent SA" is a golden star in a wreath of oak leaves. Sign size - height: 40 mm, width: 30 mm.

The original sign of the USSR in 1957 the Soviet Army Honors year

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