200 Belarusian rubles 1 pack


Size: 155 х 71 mm.



For games, movies, videos, commercials, training, YouTube videos, events and more!

  • Counterfeit money almost actual size tickets play money is a training notes to great novelty gift photography long distance TV and MV, the practice of the Bank staff accessories, toys for kids are very appropriate.
  • Accessories of high quality for film and television, each print double-sided Bill for a more authentic and more practical aspect, really looks to be false. The color error is inevitable.
  • It is very useful to teach the concept of money in class or at home. At the same time is more appropriate for the filming of the works of film and television.
  • Imitation even Bill size as real money. MV, TV, video production, music videos, photography, specially designed for HD movies, for training purposes.
  • Let children put it in their portfolios and their handbags or use it as a party or as a magical accessory gift. For your children, stress the importance of money while teaching them valuable skills in mathematics through the Bill play money for children.

200 Belarusian rubles Pack of notes paper money souvenir Play Money game Banknot

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